Book Summary: Super Rich by Russell Simmons

Super Rich

“The money and the toys will be a by-product of your ability to move through life as a sweet, humble, and generous giver.”

Russell Simmons is best known as a hip-hop mogul, and so I was quite curious as to what a self-help book from his perspective would be like. I was quite surprised to find that Russell is an enthusiastic advocate of eastern philosophies. Because Russell comes from a background and works in an industry where studying eastern philosophies is not likely to be encouraged, this book adds weight to the idea that eastern philosophies can have a positive impact on your life no matter what your background or life-path. Continue reading

Live a Life Worth Living


“So many people walk around with a meaningless life. They seem half-asleep, even when they’re busy doing things they think are important.” – Morrie Schwartz

How odd is it that we spend most of our lives lost in petty concerns, while giving hardly an iota of attention to the things that matter the most? We have many people who love us – but it is easy to spend much of your time focused on those who don’t. We have an abundance of luxuries, but our minds often wander to the few that we do not possess. We are blessed to have functional and healthy bodies, but we are quick to ponder how our physique could be improved. A life full of treasures, and yet all we can think about is what we lack. Continue reading