This passing gift


There come points in your life where the story of what you are and what is going on with you in the material world is as separate as ground and space. Where the weaving of the story of you is so much more intimate and real than the bed you are sitting on, the responsibilities that you carry, or even the thoughts that you think. Where the feeling of what you’re experiencing is more precious than any single possession you can ever have, and where you realize that where you find yourself physically in this dimension is as irrelevant as a computer to a horse.

What a precious thing it is to have this feeling. How did this little light within me get lit, and from which mystical place did it arise? Can I worship it for a thousand years? If its a million fold more precious than gold, how did it come to me? And I know it is not in my possession because it will escape me with just as little effort as which it came. Continue reading

Every time


After a day of running around seriously
Chasing phantoms of gold
And battling invisible demons
I go home and read my Sufi poems
And with wine warming my flesh
Listen to music that gently moves the soul

I spend the quiet midnight lost in wonder
With my heart cracking open inch by inch
I remember its transformative soft power
And ability to bring me back home to God
Every time life takes me away from Him

photo credit: torbakhopper HE DEAD via photopin cc

The rose

RoseThe demons came and destroyed the town. It was once on its way to being a prosperous vibrant city, but now the village sat in perpetual darkness. Not even the moon came to provide light. The town was filled with run down buildings and people, had an awful stench, was plagued with disease and crime, and the land was completely barren.

The villagers loved their town and put up a fight against the demons. They did not fold easily and they did believe all along that the demons could be defeated. “God stands on the side of the well-intentioned and loyal” they told themselves. And they sincerely believed it to be so. The villagers used every resource they had in the war. They sacrificed life after life. And though they did cause damage to the demon army, it was miniscule compared to what the demon army had afflicted onto the people. It slowly became clear that there was no winning the battle. Continue reading

Being human

native americanI want to howl at the moon and run with the wind, roar at a lion and make fierce love under starlight, drown in fall leaves and lose myself forever in the scent of a flower, laugh maniacally with my insanity and sob uncontrollably in my grief for years. The civilized man has lost too much. He no longer cries without reason or spits at the Gods unapologetically. He only does exactly what he is supposed to, when he is supposed to do it. He is embarrassed of his humanness, wishing rather to be a machine, much more neat and defined. He no longer expresses his truth absolutely without shame or laughs brazenly at the idea that anything within him can be wrong. He does not see the value in gut-level expression, but rather prefers regurgitated socially approved propaganda. He no longer looks to himself for his answers, nor has he the courage to admit to himself what are his true questions and passions. He lives a shallow life lacking brutally honest reflection, and instead he strives to live within the parameters others have set to meet the checkpoints that they have imposed. He embarrassingly defines himself with meaningless credentials and labels, while denying everything that is magnificent, transcendent and essential within himself. Continue reading

The devil inside me

demon walking

The biggest lie the devil ever told me was that there legitimate reasons for me to be unhappy. When people speak about God or the universe, they love talking about angels and light – and demons and darkness become a second cousin of the absolute, far-removed from what we imagine to be the guiding forces that control our life. But demons and darkness are a part of God too – and if we are to reach our highest selves it is important to understand the monsters that exist whose sole mission is to prevent us from achieving greatness.
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