The 3 Most Important Things I’ve Learned In My Life (So Far)


The first thirty years of my life have flown by, and I’m quite confident the next thirty years will do the same. The first ten years of my adult life have certainly had there ups and downs, and it be would a shame if I didn’t gain any wisdom in those years to match the pedigree implied by the white hairs sprouting on my head. And so that’s what this blog post is about – the essential wisdom I’ve learned thus far that will make my remaining living years as wonderful as possible.

Savor this moment. Imagine you are having your favorite meal for the very last time; how much extra appreciation do you have for each and every bite? Well, you are living your only life for the first and last time; how much do you appreciate all that you have? How grateful are you for those who love you? How much do consciously enjoy sensory pleasures? Do you acknowledge that all that you enjoy will one day be taken away from you? With the amount of life you have left to live always decreasing, it only makes sense to relish all that you can as often as possible. Continue reading

Your Life’s Purpose Is…


Our purpose in life is to give our soul its voice. To be blind to all social conditioning and expectations, and let our unencumbered spirit express itself without restraint. There is an untainted nature we are born with which knows our unique path to love and happiness. Drop the cultural narratives and expectations imposed by others, listen to the music beating in your own heart, and unapologetically sing that song to the world.

Your path is yours to create and follow; only the unoriginal walk paths paved by other men. We can either suffer the pain of forging our own life path, or we can suffer the pain of living a life destined for other men. Strong men sail into unchartered waters and explore the lands their angels have guided them to. They do not desire safety – cautious men rarely discover anything of worth. As spiritual beings having human experiences, we must trust that the universe will take care of us if we live a life that is true to our nature. Continue reading

The 3 GIGANTIC Benefits of Reading Books


Benefit #1: Reading gets you more in touch with your humanity

If we are lucky in our lives we will meet a handful of people that we will get to know deeply and intimately. Because we are busy and being emotionally exposed is a risk, there are not many people we will meet in our lives that we will get to know in their most vulnerable states. But for many authors, writing is self-exploratory and what surfaces in their writing are their deepest desires, concerns, fears, and wishes.

What happens often while reading a good book is that you are exposed to a story that contains intimate thoughts and emotions. You are reminded of the softest part of your own heart in which your innermost yearnings and demons reside. You remember once more that each and every person has a tale filled with depth, beauty, and wonder, and that there is a common humanity connecting us all to each other as though we were all bound to the same human saga. Continue reading