The Job of a Poet


It is the job of the poet to capture the human spirit and remind us all of who/what we really are. Our life is a roller coaster that lulls us into believing that we are in control – and just when we least expect it this facade is exposed and our vulnerability revealed. This nakedness allows the poet to observe man without the pretense of refinement, stripping all falsehood and leaving only truth. The truth behind our sophistication is that we are sacred beings living uncertain lives that must be honored and cherished.

A poet uses his or her words to show truth, though there is little to do once truth is learned. The sometimes painful beautiful truth is simply meant to swell our hearts enough so that we hug our loved ones a moment longer, speak our truths a bit more calmly, cry our pains with slightly more acceptance, and go to bed at night with our minds more at peace. A successful poet connects his reader to all of humanity, and assures him or her that this uncertain human experience is exactly what it needs to be.

photo credit: DSC_0006 via photopin (license)

5 Lessons Learned From Failure

1) You are fine. You didn’t get what you wanted – sure, but you’re still fine. You’re breathing. You’re alive. A million other things that make your life worth living are still around. You can still eat your favorite meal. Call a friend. Watch your favorite TV show. Go play your favorite sport. Read a good book. You didn’t get a specific thing that you wanted and worked hard for, but there are still a million golden gems in your life for you to enjoy right now.

2) Success was never the point. The only reason you failed is because you had a goal. The reason you had a goal was to drive you to learn, grow, and experience new things. Success is nice because it symbolizes you learned the necessary skills for a particular path. However, failure does not mean that you also did not develop talents that will serve you in your life. Additionally, persisting through and learning from failure is a key character-trait that all successful people must develop. Continue reading

The 3 Most Important Things I’ve Learned In My Life (So Far)


The first thirty years of my life have flown by, and I’m quite confident the next thirty years will do the same. The first ten years of my adult life have certainly had there ups and downs, and it be would a shame if I didn’t gain any wisdom in those years to match the pedigree implied by the white hairs sprouting on my head. And so that’s what this blog post is about – the essential wisdom I’ve learned thus far that will make my remaining living years as wonderful as possible.

Savor this moment. Imagine you are having your favorite meal for the very last time; how much extra appreciation do you have for each and every bite? Well, you are living your only life for the first and last time; how much do you appreciate all that you have? How grateful are you for those who love you? How much do consciously enjoy sensory pleasures? Do you acknowledge that all that you enjoy will one day be taken away from you? With the amount of life you have left to live always decreasing, it only makes sense to relish all that you can as often as possible. Continue reading